I certify that I am the owner or the agent for the above-described vehicle, and that I have full legal right to take possession of it from Alberto's Towing. I have examined this vehicle and acknowledge it has been returned to me in good, proper and undamaged condition insofar as the services performed by Alberto's Towing. In consideration of services rendered, I agree to hold harmless and defend Alberto's Towing, its agents and employees from any and all claims or complaints regarding damage to or the condition of the above described vehicle. I agree to pay witness fees of $1000 per hour for any court appearances required of any employee of Alberto's Towing, regarding any claim for the condition of, damage to, or the release of this vehicle. Upon default in the payment of these fees, I agree to pay all collection, processing, attorney, and court charges and the maximum rate of interest allowed by law, from the date of default if collection action is taken against me. I certify that I have the legal right to and acknowledge receipt of all items of personal property in above described vehicle.

Vehicle Owner's Signature

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